Aqua Kristal

Perfect Delight
Untroubled enjoyment – that’s what you want. That’s why you bought a spa tub or a Jacuzzi. You love every moment spent in there to the fullest – until bacteria and other microorganisms settle in a fine layer – so-called “bio film” – at the edge of your tub and limescale starts defacing your spa tub. So what will you do now? Cleaning agents like chloride and other chemicals seem to be the only solution. But did you know that even large amounts of chloride will only eliminate the surface germs while leaving deeper-settling organisms unaffected? Moreover, chloride harms the environment and might cause severe unwanted side effects to skin, eyes and respiratory system. For this reason, we offer you a crystal clear organic alternative: Aqua Kristal, because this is how clean water can be…

How Aqua Kristal Works
Aqua Kristal is an environmentally friendly all-in-one water treatment product for your spa tub, Jacuzzi or pool. The product works in a unique way and enables you to add only minimal disinfectant amounts to your bathwater – like one chloride tablet in a dispenser. Moreover, Aqua Kristal is bio-degradable and thus environmentally friendly in two ways.

Aqua Kristal allows you to purify the water in your spa tub or Jacuzzi from the bottom to the surface in a simple but effective way. A weekly Aqua Kristal treatment prevents the formation of limescale – the breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganism. Moreover, Aqua Kristal will dissolve existent limescale. Your spa tub’s or Jacuzzi’s ozone generator or UV lamp will care for the rest: they will eliminate the germs released and disinfect the water. The result: crystal clear, pure and wonderfully soft water.

Extra benefits
Aqua Kristal will keep your spa tub or Jacuzzi hygienically clean. This will extend the device’s service life. But your body and soul will just as well benefit from using Aqua Kristal. The soft and pure water facilitates a silky and deeply cleansed skin while Aqua Kristal’s pleasant scent helps your mind relax.